Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a residential and commercial neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California, United States. Silver Lake is flanked on the northeast by Atwater Village and Elysian Valley, on the southeast by Echo Park, on the southwest by Westlake, on the west by East Hollywood and on the northwest by Los Feliz.

The area is known for its restaurants and hipster hangouts, and many notable people have made their homes there. Silver Lake, known as one of “the city’s hippest neighborhoods”, has many bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Since the 1990s, the neighborhood has become the center of the alternative and indie rock scene in Los Angeles. It was home to two major yearly street festivals: the Silver Lake Jubilee, held in May and the Sunset Junction Street Fair, held in August. Since the indie rock music scene is particularly prominent in this neighborhood, comparisons are often drawn between Silver Lake and New York City’s Williamsburg district. As a result, it is sometimes referred to as the “Williamsburg of the West”.

The neighborhood has several public and private schools. The Silver Lake District is also served by the Silver Lake Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. It is located at 2411 Glendale Boulevard, in northeastern Silver Lake between the reservoir and the I-5 freeway.


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